Electric Panels

We offer design and installation services of electric panels.

This include:

  • Distribution Panels
  • Transfer and Compensation Panels
  • MCC (Motor Control Cabinet) and PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) Panels

Distribution Panels are mainly used to distribute energy. Basically, it is used in internal and external energy networks.

Transfer Panels are used to transfer from one source to another one automatically while taking energy from more than 2 energy sources.

Compensation Panels make easy increase active power factor until required indicator and with this it is possible to use power more efficiently. Thereby, it can help to save energy expenses.

MCC are panels to manage electric motors. By use of these panels, management of motors from bottoms located on the panel and from SCADA system connected within PLC panel are carried out.

PLC are panels basically to connect area elements of SCADA system. System is carried out on the basis of the program that written on PLC.

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